Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressor for Mining & Quarrying

The mining & quarrying industries work 24*7. The mining industry, whether underground or surface mining, never sleeps. Mines & Quarry usually miles away from the city. There is one main piece of equipment that is used to power this process. That is a heavy-duty portable air compressor. Pursue this article to understand more about Why heavy-duty Portable Air Compressors exclusively made for Mines and Quarries

What Is the Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressor?

An air compressor is an air-filled cavity or pneumatic device that converts power using an electric motor or diesel engine into compressed air. By one of several methods, an air compressor forces more and more air into a storage tank, increasing the pressure. When air compressor pressure reaches its lower limit, the air compressor turns on again and re-pressurizes the air compressor.

Exclusively for Quarry & Mines Operation 

The entire mining process, from exploration of mining to smelting, uses the form of a heavy-duty air compressor. Air compressor that acts like a jackhammer and it has high performance and durability. A heavy-duty air compressor Not only provides ventilation but makes sure that it gives harmless and clean air.ELGi’s is dominant in performance.

Problem Areas for Compressed Air Efficiency

Unfortunately, leaks can happen in the air compressor at any point, but some particular factor could cause them in mining. Exposed air piping that encounters frequent vibrations or impacts is more likely to develop leaks. Piping that is joined using grooved, mechanical fittings may develop leaks if not assembled properly too. The piping adapts to Different types of variations at the mine. Turning off air compressors when the system is not in use is a simple, but best step in reducing energy expenditures. By implementing a comprehensive maintenance program and using compressed air properly, you can see immediate cost savings on your investment.

Air compressor Dealers in chennai

Growth of Mining Industry Using Heavy-Duty Air Compressor 

Heavy-duty air compressors worked in the mining industry change depending on their purpose and the requirements needed for the business. So every industry needs the heavy power of the air compressor. Selecting the right compressor to meet your needs can help enhance fertility and help to reduce energy costs. A one-time expenditure of a heavy-duty air compressor in your mining can reduce all your problems that will most benefit your mining operation. 

Applications of Heavy-Duty Portable Air Compressor 

Heavy-duty Air compressors are found in a wide range of environments. You’ll see gas stations giving compressed air to vehicle’s tires. But heavy-duty portable air compressors are used in mines and quarries which act like aggressive levels. For road construction, refurbishment work, engineering in civil or challenging applications, heavy-duty portable compressors will be dominant and unique needs of the application. In hard circumstances in sites and mines, a heavy-duty air compressor can survive that situation.

  • Blasting – In mines and quarry they will use a blasting operation called sandblast with the portable sandblast machines 
  • Material handling – Materials like coal dust can be better handled by air compressors, allowing for fluidization. Also, compressed air can be used in conveying material in mining as well. 
  • Cleaning – Air compressors can be used to purify the waste particles from filters and avoid dirt and dust.
  • Ventilation – Ventilation air should be drawn from the exterior of the air compressor at the lowest and coolest point.

For the above instruction, Air Compressor Dealers in Chennai prefer Elgi’s, heavy-duty portable air compressor to survive the hard weather and can solve the problem. Buying in shaktiman’s can assure you of durability.


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