Oil Free Piston Compressor


Two stage oil free piston compressors deliver clean, dry air with maximum reliability, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance to meet the exacting demands of oil free air across various industries. Select models are offered with desiccant driers for applications that demand low pressure dew points.

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    High Pressure Piston Compressors


    Model Piston Displacement FAD Power Tank Dimension  Weight
    lpm cfm
    lpm cfm
    HP KW
     litres     (lxbxh)mm         kg         
    TS 10 OF 420
    1260 45
    963 34
    10 7.5
      420 1650 x 880 x 1315         kg
    TS 10 OF BM
    1260 45
         963      34
         10       7.5
              –    1545 x 675 x 830          kg
    TS 15 OF 420
    1679 59
    1274     45
        15      11
              420    1650 x 880 x 1315          kg
    TS 15 OF BM
    1679 59
    1274       45
         15  11
                –     1545 x 675 X 830          kg
    Maximum operating pressure is 10 bar
    Unit performance measured as per ISO 1217 Edition 3,Annexure C

    Why Two-Stage Oil Free Piston Compressors?

    • Unique suction through crank case design ensures no unwanted vacuum generation in the crank case
    • Cylinder walls are specially coated for wear and corrosion resistance
    • Flanged aluminium aftercooler for efficient cooling
    • Robust cast iron block for long life
    • PTFE Coated Piston & Piston Rings
    • Deep finned cylinders for efficient heat dissipation
    • Delivery unloader for automatic unloading of compressed air in the delivery pipelines
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      Applicable Industries

      Oxygen/Nitrogen Generation Plants | Laboratories research Facilities | Pharmaceutical Industry | Food Processing | Packaging | Electronics Production | Ozone Generation | Printing Equipment | Fermenters | Applications That Are Zero Tolerant To Oil In Compressed Air 

      With An AMC

      energy Efficient

      Maintenance Cost & Energy Saving

      Highest Reliability

      Priority Support

      Priority Support

      Highest Uptime

      Highest Uptime

      Source: elgi.com
      Source: elgi.com

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