Mobile Light Towers

Mobile Light Towers -
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As like a name our MLT Mobile Light Towers / Telescopic Light Towers are designed for tough operations and spreads electric light as good as SUN Light. Our application technicians over a period of 10 years have positioned our MLT on top of all other suppliers. Our Mobile Light Towers dealers are lightening up a spot to improve your work productivity. Trusted by over 3000+ customers. 

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    4 – 30 kVA.


    30 to 160 Sq.

    covers light areas

    Mobile Light Towers
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    Benefits of Mobile Light Towers

    As like a name our MLT Mobile Lighting Towers are designed for tough operations and spreads electric light as good as SUN Light. Our application technicians over a period of 10 have positioned our SMARTA Mobile light towers in top of the all other supplier.


    Just press two buttons and it's up and running. Easy!


    1 year or 1000 running hours whichever is early provided you take
    care of the engine & alternator


    Electronically controlled air-fuel ratio, Closed-loop lambda feedback system

    SMARTA Mobile Light Towers


    Easy to Use. A friendly User Control Panel will be provided


    Makes Genset more compact. This technology, used for the first time in gas gensets helps in achieving 0% power duration


    Operating price is 45% less than that of conventional Gensets

    covers light areas
    Our ranges are from 4 – 30 kVA covers light areas from 30 to 160 Sq. meter even birds & grass grows and oxygen is generated!!. Our MLTs are more sought at Road Infra Projects, emergency lighting during disaster management, Flood light Sports events, Industries, Civil construction project sites, Toll gates, public meeting /prayer places etc.,
    3 types
    Our MLTs have three option of light lamps 1. Metal halide, 2. LED & 3. Hi-light LED’s to suit your need , demand & affordability. 250, 300 , 350 , 400 & 500 watts used in multiples.
    no rocket science
    There is no rocket science in our MLT, its simple, reliable engineering is perfectly arrived to meet 100% satisfaction of the end user.

    Special Mobile Light Towers

    What is

    We have from 6 – 11 meters light mast in stage vice one can increase /lower the height by simple rotating bar.  Light mast can be rotated all 360 Decree to suit your focus area.  


    Yes it takers care 70 kms per hour wind force has 5 balancer element to stay intact on earth surface.

    Windspeed new

    What is

    We use CPCB-II approved  Kholer,  M&M & Yanmar Diesel engines with Amer NSM, Sincro & Mecealte brush type  / brush less AC alternators.  Engine & alternators are  housed inside metal canopy which takes care of dust, rain water as well sound level less than 75 db. 

    What it

    Its consumes diesel & fresh filtered air to deliver light from 0.8 – 6 litres depending on your selection of light tower.  Fuel Tank capacity 30 – 100 litres. at the time of delivery where to avail service.

    What it consumes - new

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      Its trouble free & 100 reliability. Hence No head ache.

      Simple once invested & just forget. It works for you . Your peace is assured. Generator will run. You will relax.

      Its should be 20% more than your connected power connection.. or our experts will suggest free of cost

      Right ventilation, easy access to fill fuel.

      Engine & alternator

      No less than 75 DB which is as per CPCB norms

      At every 300 hours of running or 6-months which ever is earlier.

      Just fill fuel keep running. Ensure you change oil & filter as per service norms.

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