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Shaktiman Equipments Private Limited is a forward-thinking organization of diligent professionals offering top-notch generator rental and allied services in India. As a leading generator power rental solutions company, we have a rich history of creating consistent value for our customers and stakeholders with our reliable-yet-flexible approach and complete genset rental solutions.



Diesel Generators
Skid-type and trailer mounted models - Shaktiman Equipments Private Limited is a forward-thinking organization of diligent professionals offering top-notch generator rental and allied services.
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Dry and wet type transformers - Most of our transformers are capable of rapid deployment with little or no modifications required at the client side.This ensures a seamless flow process & quick installation.
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Load Banks
Total flexibility to test any power source - The load banks provided by Shaktiman Equipments Private Limited are workhorses that give you the total flexibility to test any power source
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Welding Equipment
Soldering to create a joint on a workpiece - Rental welding equipment offers the complete range of gas and electrical welding equipment for short hire as well as long-term contracts.
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Synchronizing and Distribution Panels
To meet a power system requirements - Our panels and components are highly durable and capable of operation in the most arduous of conditions and have weather proof and corrosion resistant.
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Mobile Lighting Towers
Supply lighting in any situation - Our mobile lighting towers are de-facto the perfect renting solutions for any event or major project. Extremely reliable and durable, our lighting towers offer the best illumination solution with their powerful presence.
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Air Compressors
Converts power into potential energy - The air compressor units offered by Shaktiman Equipments Rental Service are sourced from the most reliable of manufacturers to deliver the highest value and efficiency. All our air compressors deliver air that is 100% free from oil.
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Our Capabilities

At Shaktiman Equipments, we take pride in offering a wide range of key solutions. With a track record of over 16 years of excellence, we have touched almost every facet of operations and industries like oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, marine, events, construction, telecom, datacenters, large and small scale industries, factories, campuses, malls, IT companies and workplaces. This has given us unmatched expertise in a variety of issues and the exposure to comfortably deliver innovative and practical solutions in any circumstance.

Our key strengths are listed below,
  • Ability to offer a complete range of rental power solutions in India from 15 – 2000 KVA.
  • Ability to offer a complete range of allied solutions like transformers, distribution and synchronizing panels, load banks, mobile lighting towers, air compressors and welding equipment under one roof.
  • Versatile range of generators and equipment from various manufacturers thereby giving customers a wide choice.
  • Excellent customer service and technical knowledge.
  • Outstanding project management capabilities and the ability to deliver solutions on-time and within budget and project definition.
  • 24 × 7 × 365 response, support and reliability
  • We have a sterling maintenance schedule for all our equipment thereby guaranteeing customers total satisfaction in operations with zero downtime.
  • Forward thinking organization that focuses on offering integrated services and value creation at every step.
  • Open feedback loops and measureable client satisfaction programs at every step of the process.
  • Transparent accounting principles and no hidden costs.

Case Studies

Please find below a host of case studies that seek to highlight the challenges faced and the solutions delivered under a variety of circumstances. With efficiency, responsiveness and clarity, we move across domains and sectors with élan. Read on to see how we supported businesses to achieve ambitious growth and crowing success by engaging with us.

Our Achievements

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Frequently Asked Question

Its trouble free & 100 reliability. Hence No head ache.

Simple once invested & just forget. It works for you . Your peace is assured. Generator will run. You will relax.

Its should be 20% more than your connected power connection.. or our experts will suggest free of cost

Right ventilation, easy access to fill fuel.

Engine & alternator

No less than 75 DB which is as per CPCB norms

At every 300 hours of running or 6-months which ever is earlier.

Just fill fuel keep running. Ensure you change oil & filter as per service norms.


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