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Shaktiman Equipments Pvt Ltd is having 25 years of experience as a Air Compressor Dealers in Chennai and all over Tamil Nadu. The Air compressors (Screw air Compressor & Piston air Compressor) company exports to Chennai all over Tamil Nadu over most of Chennai, Coimbatore, and Madurai. We are the top air Compressor dealers in Chennai  & rental air compressor dealers of ELGi.

Air compressor dealers in chennai

Air Compressor Dealer Price In Chennai


5-15-HP Two Stage ELGI Oil Free Air Compressor

5-15 Hp Two-Stage Oil Free Compressor

Product Details Features
Price Starts from Rs 1.5 Lakh
Model No 20 LB Pet
HP 5-15 Hp
Brand ELGi Air Compressor
Weight of Air Compressor 460 Kg
Compressor Speed 1040 rpm
Size of Air Compressor 1650 x 880 x 1315 mm
EG 200 Air Compressor

ELGi EG 37 Screw Compressors

Product Details Features
Price Starts from Rs 25,000
Model No EG 37
Noise Level 69 dB(A)
Horse Power 50 HP
Brand ElGI
Weight of Air Compressor 1110-1260 Kg
Free Air Delivery 257 cfm
Max. Pressure 5 bar (g) 73 psi


Elgi Pressure Reciprocating Air compressor dealers in chennai

ELGi Pressure Reciprocating Air Compressor

Product Details Features
Price Starts from Rs 30,000
Horse Power 1-3 Hp
Size Of Air Compressor 1463 X 775 X 865 mm
Maximum Flow Rate (CFM) 1000 cfm
Motor Speed 1150 Rpm
No of Cylinder One
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 400-440 V
Discharge Pressure 33 Kg/cm2
3-40 HP Industrial Air compressor

ELGi TS10 LB Oil-Lubricated Reciprocating Compressor

Product Details Features
Price Starts from Rs 50,000
Brand ELGi
HP 10 HP
Compressor Type Reciprocating Compressor
Max Flow Rate 51 – 120 cfm
Power Source AC Three Phase
Air Quality Standard Class I


1-3- HP Single Piston Compressor

Oil Free Portable Electric Air Compressor

Product Details Features
Price Starts from Rs 40,000
Max. Flow Rate 51 – 120 cfm
HP 1-3
Air Quality Standard Class I
Brand ElGI
Power Source AC 3- Phase
Compressor Type Air compressor


Reciprocation AC Single Phase ELGI Custom Built Piston Compressor

Reciprocating AC Single Phase ELGi Custom Built Piston Compressors

Product Details Features
Price Starts from Rs 30,000
HP 5-20 HP
Phase 1 Phase
Discharge Pressure 8 bar
Maximum Flow Rate 0-20 cfm
Brand ElGI
Weight of Air Compressor 250 Kg
Motor Speed 1200 rpm

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Why Shaktiman Air Compressor Dealers in Chennai?

The ‘Stable’ Air behind any successful endeavor. Shaktiman Equipments Pvt Ltd is a forward-thinking organization of diligent professionals offering top-notch ELGI Air Compressors Reciprocating/screw compressors and Authorized air compressor dealer in Chennai. As a leading Industrial solution company, we have a rich history of creating consistent value for our customers and stakeholders with our reliable yet flexible approach and complete solutions.

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The ELGI air compressor units offered by Pioneer tech pneumatic are sourced from the most reliable manufacturer M/s ELGI equipment ltd to deliver the highest value and efficiency


Our range of ELGI air compressors can be powered by electricity or by in-built diesel engines and are contained in heavy-duty enclosures thereby assuring customers of noise-free operation.

Scheduled Maintenance

Excellent and well-planned maintenance schedule that assures you of the highest degree of safety and reliability when employed in your operations.

Auxiliary Equipment

Offer the associated auxiliary equipment like air dryers, high-pressure hoses, oil, and water separators, and storage tanks, based on your specific needs and requirements

About Us

Shaktiman Equipments Pvt Ltd (formerly known as Pioneer Generator Pvt Ltd is one of India’s leading energy & Air engineering solutions company). It has a presence across a wide range of businesses as a Distributorship for Air compressor sales, service of ELGI Equipments Ltd, and Original Equipment manufacturer of Diesel Generator for Tamilnadu & Pondicherry. Additionally, the company offers Rental services for all its products, including Godrej Forklifts and Smarta [MLT].

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