Check Diesel Generator price in India before you gonna buy it

Diesel Generator Pricing in India: 5 Kva – 3000kva Best Price List

Are you looking for the best diesel generator price in india which suits your budget as well as requirement?. If yes, then you have arrived at the relevant article. In recent years there are different types of generators in the Indian market and the best-branded generator ruling the power solution industry.

Before Knowing about Diesel generator price in India. Understand there are top branded generators that will certainly suit your business, industry & your specific requirement.

Portable Diesel generators are usually meant for comfort & productivity. To overcome the power shortage, if generators purchased for residential it is for comfort & if it is purchased for commercial, then it is to increase productivity. The major difference between one’s decision to purchase these portable generators is its Pricing. As the diesel generators are always profitable when it is purchased for a commercial or industrial purpose.

The Indian diesel generator market is being shared mainly by the following giants: Cummins, Caterpillar, Mahindra, Kirloskar, Ashok Leyland. According to finance experts’ statistics, Indian consumer’s preference for a particular generator brand depends on their pricing on product ranges they require. Most Consumers prefer Kirloskar & Mahindra if the range is between 15kVA to 45 kVA,  Caterpillar for 60kVA to 125kVA, Cummins & Mahindra for 125kVA to 625kVA, Caterpillar, Cummins, Mahindra for 625kVA to 2000 kVA.

India’s Top Brand Generators with its Price Ranges

Caterpillar: Caterpillar diesel generator price starts at Rs 8 lakhs and ends with Rs 15 lakhs From the ranges of  7.5 kVA to 2000  kVA

Cummins: Cummins diesel generator price starts at Rs 5 lakhs and ends with Rs 13.48 lakhs From the ranges of  125 kVA to 1500 kVA

Koel Green: Koel Green diesel generator price up to  Rs 2.5 lakhs to Rs 5 lakhs From the ranges of  40 kVA to 1010 kVA

Mahindra generator: Mahindra diesel generator price in india starts at 1.40 lakhs and ends with Rs.16.50 Lakh From the ranges of 5 kVA to 3500 kVA

These are the top branded Diesel generators in India. The reach of a diesel generators market is forecast to reach up to $21.27 billion globally in 2025 and 1,517.8 million in India.

As per the reports produced by Industry Experts in 2021, The phenomenal growth of the Diesel Generator Market is directly related to telecommunication and E-commerce.

Diesel generator price in india

Why Do Industries Prefer the Mahindra Diesel Generator?

The Two Year Super shield Planning, an all-inclusive coverage, has been initiated by Mahindra Powerol, with no maintenance costs, no repairs, and zero spares replacement costs. They ensure complete peace of mind for the customer.

Mahindra diesel generators are in the 20 positions in India in the starting stage and later on, they build their customer and are ranked in the top 3 positions.

The growth of Mahindra diesel generators is unstoppable. Mahindra diesel generators are the first choice of telecom areas like Reliance Jio, Indus Towers, Bharti Infratel, Viom Networks, American Tower, Telesonic Networks, Etisalat, Ooredoo, Tata Tele, Vodafone, Nokia, BSNL, and MTNL across India and globally.

Products Details

5 kVA Diesel Generator Price in India: Rs. 1.40 Lakh (approx)

Product Details Features
Brand Mahindra
Rating Power 5 kVA
Price Rs. 1.40 Lakh
Usage/Application Industrial
Approximate Dry Weight of DG Set 225 Kg

7.5 kVA to 15 kVA Diesel Generator Price: Rs. 2 Lakh (approx)

Product Details Features
Brand Mahindra
Rating Power 7.5 kVA to 15 kVA
Price Rs. 2 Lakh
Usage/Application Agriculture, Construction, Industrial and Power
Approximate Dry Weight of DG Set 630 Kg to 800 Kg

20 kVA to 25 kVA Diesel Generator Price: Rs. 2.90 Lakh (approx)

Product Details Features
Brand Mahindra
Rating Power 20 kVA to 25 kVA
Price Rs. 2.90 Lakh
Usage/Application Industrial, Construction
Approximate Dry Weight of DG Set 800 Kg to 940 Kg

30 kVA to 40 kVA Diesel Generator Price: Rs. 4.9 Lakh (approx)

Product Details Features
Brand Mahindra
Rating Power 30 kVA to 40 kVA
Price Rs. 4.9 Lakh
Usage/Application Industrial & Hospitals
Approximate Dry Weight of DG Set 950 Kg to 1200 kg

50 kVA to 62.5 kVA Diesel Generator Price: Rs. 5.25 Lakh (approx)

Product Details Features
Brand Mahindra
Rating Power 50 kVA to 62.5 kVA
Price Rs. 5.25 Lakh
Usage/Application Industrial, Hospitality services
Approximate Dry Weight of DG Set 1250 Kg to 1300 kg

82.5 kVA to 125 kVA Diesel Generator Price: Rs. 5.50 Lakh (approx)

Product Details Features
Brand Mahindra
Rating Power 82.5 kVA to 125 kVA
Price Rs. 5.50 Lakh
Usage/Application Industrial
Approximate Dry Weight of DG Set 1720 kg

160 kVA to 200 kVA Diesel Generator Price: Rs. 16.50 Lakh (approx)

Product Details Features
Brand Mahindra
Rating Power 160 kVA to 200 kVA
Price Rs. 5.50 Lakh
Usage/Application Industrial
Approximate Dry Weight of DG Set 2750 Kg to 3700 kg

400 kVA Diesel Generator Price: Rs. 18 Lakhs (approx)

Product Details Features
Brand Mahindra
Rating Power 400 kVA
Price Rs. 18 Lakhs
Usage/Application Industrial
Approximate Dry Weight of DG Set 6200 kg

625 kVA Diesel Generator Price: Rs.25 lakhs (approx)

Product Details Features
Brand Mahindra
Rating Power 625 kVA
Price Rs.25 lakhs
Usage/Application Industrial
Approximate Dry Weight of DG Set 6500 Kg

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Steps for Installing Air Compressor Successfully

Essential Steps for Installing Air Compressor Successfully

There are some essential Steps to Installing Air Compressor successfully. Of course, We’ll be ready to install after buying a compressor. In this phase, ensuring that the compressor is installed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines is extremely important. This ensures a long-lasting compressor, optimum efficiency, and reduces energy costs.

Where Does It Want to Be Located?

The location is the most important thing. We have to ensure that the compressor is unloaded, installed, operated, and maintained within the area during the installation. Sufficient clearance must be provided to the designated area.

However, no special foundation or anchoring is required for rotary screws of Steps to Installing Air compressor. The compressor shall be located on a high surface, which resists the compressor’s load and moving equipment.

In addition, it is necessary to protect the compressor, when eradicating the inner components, oil, and filter damage, of natural elements like rain, sunlight, hot air, and other dysfunctions such as toxic or inflammable materials and agents such as corrosion such as ammonia and chlorine, salt spray and other chemicals.

What Is the Ventilation Process and How Does It Work?

The ventilation process is the important one of the Steps to Install Air Compressors because lack of ventilation and refrigeration is the main cause of air compressor problems. 

The power delivered to your compressor is fully converted into heat during compression and the heat is transferred to the compressor room.

Natural Ventilation:

When the inside compressor room temperature does not exceed 5 °C, natural ventilation is sufficient compared with the ambient temperature.

There is only a ventilation process such as

Forced Ventilation with an Exhaust Fan

If the compressor room has a maximum temperature of 5 ˚C, install an exhaust fan.

Forced Ventilation with Ducts

when it is installed in an enclosed area. Make sure that the compressor’s hot air exhaust is diverted through ducts

If the air inlet temperature falls below temperature, install a cabinet heater. To keep a temperature 0˚C – 50˚C, use the cold start kit and heater in the compression room.

How to Use Electricals That Help Maintenance?

Before the compressor is installed, ensure that the voltage of the electric service fits on the compressor nameplate (located within the electric cabinet).

The Compressor should be properly grounded & properly equipped.

Provide a dedicated switch disconnecting fusion with power to the compressor (SDF). Install a suitable SDF rating unit within five meters. This helps to maintain more than one compressor without stopping.

Air Storage

The receiver tank serves as a compressed air reservoir for maximum demand.

The receiver tank helps the water cool off the system.

The receiver tank minimizes the system pulsation due to a reciprocal compressor or downstream cyclic process.

A pressure relief valve and pressure gauge are required for the receiver tanks. The relief valve must be set to 10% higher than the system’s operating pressure.

A manual or automatic drain should also be installed in the receiver tank, to remove water.


The final Process for installing Air compressor is Piping. To provide adequate flow and steady pressure to all usage areas, the correct pipework dimension is important. The diameter of the pipe directly affects the fall in pressure. The discharge pipe must be of a minimum diameter equal to the outlet of the compressor discharge.

Piping selection affects three main components of the air system directly (flow, pressure, and air quality). Poor choice of materials in pipes, diameter, and design leads to flow restrictions and often leads to considerable decreases in pressure

Before downstream filters such as prefilters, fine filters, and carbon filters are assembled the pipelines should be flushed. Make sure the water drain for the air collector, downstream filters, and dryers is provided with the auto drain. In the event of isolation, we need to make a bypass for the dryer and downstream filter piping arrangements.

The overall system installation prevents future expenses.

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Simple Guide to Piston Air Compressors – 2021 Version

Simple Guide to Piston Air Compressors – 2021 Version

In this article, we guide above the Piston Air Compressors and their specification. The piston compressors or compressors reciprocate the compression of gas within a cylinder (or cylinders) rely on the reciprocating actions of one or more pistons and discharge it into the tank of high pressures.

Both oil-lubricated and oil-free designs contain compressors for the Piston Air Compressor. Other designs are better suited for some applications which require high-quality oil-free air.

Piston Air Compressors Configurations

A range of configurations for Piston Air Compressors, such as single-acting, double-acting, oil lubrication, or oil-free, offer piston compressors. The double actuator design, featuring an L configuration with a vertical, low-pressure cylinder and a horizontal, high-pressure cylinder is one of the most common configurations. Pumpkin rings or dented walls feature oil-lubricated designs with splash or pressure lubrication and oil-free designs.

Most Piston Air Compressors have valves that open and close on either side of the valve disc based on pressure differences. Some of the bigger machines have a crosshead, screens, and an intermediate ventilated component to prevent oil from being transferred to the pressure chamber.

How Does a Piston Compressor Work?

The piston moves down and pulls air into the cylinder in a Piston Air compressor with a valve system and two valve discs in stainless steel. The biggest disc bends down to let the air pass. The large disc flexes again to seal against the seat of the valve when the piston moves upwards. The compressed air is then forced into and delivered to the final process through the hole in the valve seat. Elgi Piston Air compressor Dealers are having the best manual system of Piston Air compressor which is very useful before you buy the air compressor 

Piston Compressors Applications 

Compressors are used in various industries and also in environments familiar to everyday consumers. 

A common example of a simple version of an air compressor is the portable 12VDC electric air compressor that is often carried in a glove compartment or trunk of the car, used by consumers to pump up tires under the correct pressure.

Depending on the application, discharge pressures from anywhere between 1,000 and upward can reach between 10,000 and 60,000 psi.

There is also a prevalence of the use of compressors in the oil and gas sector, where Piston Air compressors of natural gas are used for storage or transport of compressed gas.

Piston Air Compressors Average Price

Suggest Elgi Piston Air compressor Dealers for Knowing the Piston Air compressor price in Chennai. The average price of a Piston air compressor is almost around 1.7 lakh. The piston HP starts from 1-430 HP.

Elgi Piston Air compressor is one of the best air compressors in India. In local Shaktiman the best Air compressor dealers in Chennai will provide you a reliable air compressor.

Diesel Generator Vs Petrol Generator. Which Is Best For Your Business?

Diesel Generator vs Petrol Generator. Which Is Best For Your Business?

There is no bigger match than the diesel generator against the petrol generator when it comes to engines. So you need to choose longer generator petrol or diesel. It does not matter but chooses a worthy generator. Diesel Generator Vs Petrol Generator Which is best? This article will guide you to choose which is the last longer and reliable generator.

Fuel Efficiency

The Fuel efficiency of the diesel generator is based on the size of the generator and load of the generator. Fuel efficiency related to cooling ventilators and water pumps of different sets of generators is the major factor. A generator of 100kW burns 10kW more fuel, therefore than a generator set of 10kW. It’s all about that. No standards or regulations have been established to measure manufacturers’ fuel efficiency of generator sets or engines. Additionally, no standard conditions under which such tests are performed can vary from brand to brand, hence the reported fuel consumption numbers can.


The most effective generator depends upon the best maintenance and durability. So reliability plays a major role in choosing the generator. A petroleum generator, for example, requires an ignition system, while a diesel engine does not. It’s also the simplicity of the diesel generator that keeps it cool even in the harsh climate of India. Diesel generators operate at much lower temperatures than petrol-fuel generators and decrease overall wear and tear associated with running a generator often for a longer period of time at much less rotation per minute.

But for the Industry and mining needed a high power consumption generator and  also a durable

Generator. Ok, let’s clarify with pros and cons of Diesel Generator Vs Petrol Generator. so you would be able to pick the right one.

Diesel Generator Pros

People knew diesel-only as a dirty, smelling truck fuel for decades. But a full 180 years has been done to give the oil a run – literally. Because their fuel efficiency is one of the main advantages of diesel engines. This results in the higher compression of the diesel engine. The diesel fuel also comes ahead with a similar comparison between the diesel generator and petrol generator.

You also have lower ownership costs with diesel. This is why so many industries depend on diesel fuel, for generators, bulldozers, excavators, and tractors to run their business. The cost of diesel engines and hence diesel generators are longer and it takes less time to depreciate value. Why are they going to continue for longer? Due to the lack of effort by diesel engines to achieve the same power supply as oil engines. That reduces the load on the motor components. This is used in the heavy industrial and mining industry. Diesel generators are the backbone of the mining and construction industries.

Mahindra Diesel Generator

Diesel Generator Cons

It all depends on how long you are using your generator. Cost is another factor. Traditionally, diesel has been more expensive than petrol – about 3% more in India. But the balance is certainly tipping.

Although diesel generators are more costly, Diesel generators are longer.

Petrol Generator Pros

In addition to lower petrol than diesel, petrol has some advantages. Models for petrol generators are more available. This is because oil generators have been around for longer than cars. Like cars. 

However, you can now find an increasing selection of gasoline generators for a range of applications and budgets including home/business backup, commercial/construction applications, solar backup, events, and more.

Petrol Generator

Petrol Generator Cons

Consequently, for longer periods petrol generators are generally not running at high loads

Comparing to diesel generator petrol generator is less expensive but not last longer

So as we said at the top of the blog choose the long-lasting generator. This means a diesel generator is the best last longer generator but you want to buy a branded diesel generator like Mahindra diesel generator. 

Buying a Mahindra diesel generator in Shaktiman will give you Warranty & reliability. Shaktiman is one of the best generator dealers in Chennai.

What Everyone ought to know before buying Air Compressor

Important Questions to Discuss before Buying an Air Compressor

In this article, We will guide you with some pro tips about air compressors & acknowledge about air compressors. In recent years people have had common questions to discuss which help to choose an air compressor that matches our requirement. Most of the customers don’t get satisfied because they will not check life expectancy. Don’t buy a compressor unless the dealer can tell you the expected life. Apart from this most common question about air compressors are

1. How Does an Air Compressor Work?

An air compressor is used to create pressured air using electrical power, then discharging and converting for use in several applications to usable power

The air in the chamber is compressed by a piston, rotary vane, or screw, or slider, and then this pressured air is transferred into the downstream receiver and the distribution piping system.

2. What Does an Air Compressor Do?

Air compressors offer compressed air for packages along with filling gasoline cylinders with high-pressure air, presenting pressurized fresh air for working pneumatic HVAC structures or tools, filling tires, and a huge kind of different packages throughout industries like automotive, medical and beverage, petroleum, etc.

3. In an Air Compressor, How Often Do Have to Change the Oil?

You will need to change the oil from time to time if you have a lubricated reciprocal, rotating screw, or rotating air compressor to make it work properly. The schedule is generally recommended for three months, subject to the recommendation of the manufacturer. For a rotary compressor, depending on the type of oil used, you want to change the oil every 4,000 to 8,000 hours.

4. Does It Need a Dryer for the Air Compressor?

The fact that your air compressor can bring a lot of water into the compressed air system is often of good value to you. Every day, your air dryer might remove gallons of water.

5. In a Compressed Air System, How to Control Contaminants?

To keep your compressed air clean you need an efficient air filtration system.

  1. Concentrating on current contaminants.
  2. Insist on filters that are wetly tested
  3. More reliable monitoring and preventive maintenance.
  4. A zero-loss drain prevents loss of compressed air.

Question about air compressor

6. How to Drain the Water from Tank of the Air Compressor?

You can drain manually or buying an automatic drain valve to automatically remove the water. If the water becomes a big issue, consider investing in a better air dryer.

7. Where Is the Compressor Location Going to Be?

The intake air of the compressor must be clean and free of solid gases. Particularly harmful to dirt causing wear and corrosive gases.

In the sound reduction case, the air inlet of the compressor is usually located at the opening but can be placed remotely, where the air is so clean as possible.

8. How Much Cfm Needed? How Much Airflow?

(CFM) means cubic feet per minute.

  • Not only do oversized compressors cost more money but use more power that is more costly in the long run.
  • Be aware that CFM is not the volume produced under optimum conditions, in particular during our summer days – on 90° F 70 percent Rh, you can lose up to 20 percent of the capacity.
  • Take a load cycle for all shifts on your existing compressor. Better yet, for nominal costs install a flow meter that can save you in the long run thousands.
  • You can adjust to what you consider to be future growth once you decide what your flow requirements are.

9. Which Is the Top Branded Air Compressor?

There are so many top branded air compressors that used in many industries in recent years.

Quincy Compressor

There is a Quincy air compressor that will assist you in working efficiently and keep overhead costs but reliable for any industry that is operating under compressed air. These products can be found hard in mechanic garages and car body shops, factories, theme parks, energy exploration, college, dental shops, and much more.

Advantages of using Quincy air compressor has some best working conditions in environments & stable air pressure provided, but disadvantages are lack of life expectancy.

Elgi’s air compressor  

Elgi is best at CMF and airflow. In addition to clean air, its compressed air solution was also needed to be cost-efficient and energy-efficient & also Low energy consumption and built-in VFD helped ELGi compressor save 50 percent of their electricity costs. In addition, they are also compact air compressors that have minimal floor space. 

The Elgi having a Heavy-duty air compressor that is specially made for mining & quarrying with high performance and durability

Air Marshal Compressor

compressors for Air-Marshal can be customized to suit your needs.

An air dryer can be attached to a screw compressor and is suitable for various applications, in which clean and dry air is required. This integration enables. This air compressor has good features and reliable but comparing to other air compressors this is expensive & less life duration.

10. So Which Air Compressor Is Best to Choose?

Here is the final Question about air compressors. At the top of the blog, we refer you to check the life expectancy of the air compressor & standard CMF. The airflow of the compressor should be 1000CMF at 100PSI.In recent time Elgi’s is no 1 air compressor in India. 

Elgi’s air compressor was Trusted by many industries because of its price and reliability with Excellent airflow, life expectancy & also user experience. Buying a brand new Elgi’s air compressor in Shaktiman is the best choice because of Life expectancy & assure you a warranty.

Shaktiman is one of the best Elgi air compressor dealers in Chennai.

Here shaktiman’s have varieties of Elgi’s air compressor like Oil-free air compressor, Reciprocating Elgi’s air compressor, Portable Elgi’s air compressor. These dealers can tell you the expected life of the air compressor.

Benefits of using Mobile Light Towers on your site

Benefits of Using Portable Light Towers on Your Site.

Portable Light Towers

Portable light towers don’t create dark spots & have a greater level of illumination. Portable light towers have so many benefits but you need some specifications to purchase one. Most of the mobile lighting towers have wheels, but there are some which can be attached to different vehicles. Despite the Types, All mobile light towers need an electric power source or a generator to power an indicator. 

Portable lightning towers feature high-efficient light, durable fixtures, Weather resistance, efficiency & storage with 100 liters of fuel tank capacity, and run time up to 70 hours. 

Some mobile light towers generate up to five times more light using the same amount of energy.

Why You Need to Have Mobile Lighting Towers for Your Site 

 In the early 1990s working in low-light conditions was nothing new. Today, light towers are ubiquitous on our aging highways, and we frequently see teams of staff working late into the night to ensure that drivers have as little effect as possible.

Around the world, light towers provide lighting in difficult, even dangerous situations. With strong demand for project completion and constant night work to keep projects on track, we have a lot on our plate. 

There is a need for a long-lasting light source that can illuminate work areas efficiently. Staff would be able to finish work safely and easily at night, So the role of the mobile light towers have been increased day by day.

Can Mobile Light Towers Be Used as a Generator?

Mobile Light towers are diesel generators with a lighting component attached. In most instances and the power source for the running lights, the light tower has an additional power source. Most light towers can now be used as small generators, making them multifunctional structures.

Light towers are frequently overlooked on the construction site until they need to be turned on or off. However, when the sun begins to set, the light tower, like flashlights in dark alleys, becomes one of the most important products on construction sites.

Do Things Need to Check before Buying New Mobile Light Towers?

Mobile Light towers are an essential piece of equipment on construction, mining, and outdoor public event job sites, providing illumination for a variety of applications and projects that must be completed during hours of darkness or poor visibility. Most importantly, they ensure that workers can perform these tasks efficiently and safely.

LED Light Towers

To find the best model, consider the size and space that needs to be illuminated and the length of time the light tower will be in use. For example, if an area of no more than 4,000 m2 requires illumination for less than a day, a metal halide light tower is recommended because it is less expensive to install than an LED.

In terms of robustness, LED lamps outperform metal halide lamps, with an expected lifetime of more than 30,000 working hours. As a result, for extreme environments or heavy-duty use, such as in construction or mining, LED is the preferred choice because it provides enhanced coverage, lower fuel consumption, and longer operating hours

Power Source for Mobile Light Towers

When selecting a Mobile light tower, it is also important to consider how it will be powered. If there is easy access to an electrical power source at the job site, users may want to consider electric-only light towers, which represent the latest breakthrough technology due to their exceptional plug-and-light capabilities. 

They make it simple for users to connect to any single power source, such as auxiliary power, a small diesel or gasoline generator, or directly to the grid. Certain electrical light towers also have modular connectivity, allowing up to four light towers to be powered by a single generator. A power source for Portable light towers improves service and maintenance efficiency while also lowering the total cost of ownership. 

Furthermore, because their footprint is smaller than diesel options, electric-only light towers are not only quieter and more environmentally friendly, but they also ensure that lighting operations continue uninterrupted by refueling or additional maintenance required to service mechanical parts. 

Light towers powered by an engine or other sources of energy, such as diesel, are the best option when working in remote locations where access to electric power is limited or non-existent. However, it is critical to consider models with low fuel consumption to avoid constant refueling & help to ensure the plan is cost-effective.

Make Sure Your Investment Process Is Protected

Firstly, to determine whether a light tower is best rented or bought. For example, a model with characteristics for long-term efficiency could be better rented in the case of one-off road construction. 

Buyers can help secure investment throughout the entire lifecycle of a light tower in a variety of ways. It is extremely durable and provides excellent protection for internal parts… Specifically, they must ensure that the engine, alternator, panel control, and drain points are easily reachable, as access to those areas on certain light towers can take a lot of time.

So Which Mobile Light Tower to Choose?

Some years ago, a Portable light tower with a small life expectancy was considered a simple commodity product. Today, however, mobile light towers offer enhanced durability and value due to the many available options. 

For example, location, specific working environment, and environmental conditions, energy supply, site size, and required coverage. This ensures that customers end up with a mobile light tower that improves productivity, security, and visibility on site. For that reason, they need branded mobile light towers. Most people choose mobile light towers from SMARTA.

Benefits of using SMARTA Mobile Light Towers on your site

Benefits of Choosing Smarta Mobile Light Towers on Your Site

Powerful Lighting Coverage

SMARTA Tower Lights provide strong lighting over a wide area four times higher than tungsten-halogen bulbs. SMARTA tower lights can cover approximately 45,500m2 on a dark, twilight workplace.

Low Noise

Noise pollution is an important consideration for workplaces situated near public areas or residential areas. Tower lights must meet noise standards. The SMARTA mobile light towers with 88Lwa/65DBa are fully adapted to city center buildings or even to public festivals.

Wide Range Application

SMARTA Mobile light towers aren’t for the building industry alone. In roadside maintenance, Outdoor training events, music festivals, and local events, also SMARTA Mobile light towers are used.

Fast Easy Setup 

SMARTA mobile towers are easy and easy to build – no special training or anything other than the step-by-step guide is required. With the quick set-up speed, large worksites save a significant amount of time. This enables you to get much faster into the actual work.

Shaktiman is a SMARTA OEM and one of the leading Mobile Light towers dealers in Chennai, supplying across the country. Here we provide 1 year or 1000 running hours international Warranty, Quickstart system, Water-cooled turbocharger & lower operating cost of SMARTA mobile light towers 100% reliable and ISO certified manufacturer.

Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressor for Mining & Quarrying

Heavy-Duty Portable Air Compressor for Mining & Quarrying

The mining & quarrying industries work 24*7. The mining industry, whether underground or surface mining, never sleeps. Mines & Quarry usually miles away from the city. There is one main piece of equipment that is used to power this process. That is a heavy-duty portable air compressor. Pursue this article to understand more about Why heavy-duty Portable Air Compressors exclusively made for Mines and Quarries

What Is the Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressor?

An air compressor is an air-filled cavity or pneumatic device that converts power using an electric motor or diesel engine into compressed air. By one of several methods, an air compressor forces more and more air into a storage tank, increasing the pressure. When air compressor pressure reaches its lower limit, the air compressor turns on again and re-pressurizes the air compressor.

Exclusively for Quarry & Mines Operation 

The entire mining process, from exploration of mining to smelting, uses the form of a heavy-duty air compressor. Air compressor that acts like a jackhammer and it has high performance and durability. A heavy-duty air compressor Not only provides ventilation but makes sure that it gives harmless and clean air.ELGi’s is dominant in performance.

Problem Areas for Compressed Air Efficiency

Unfortunately, leaks can happen in the air compressor at any point, but some particular factor could cause them in mining. Exposed air piping that encounters frequent vibrations or impacts is more likely to develop leaks. Piping that is joined using grooved, mechanical fittings may develop leaks if not assembled properly too. The piping adapts to Different types of variations at the mine. Turning off air compressors when the system is not in use is a simple, but best step in reducing energy expenditures. By implementing a comprehensive maintenance program and using compressed air properly, you can see immediate cost savings on your investment.

Air compressor Dealers in chennai

Growth of Mining Industry Using Heavy-Duty Air Compressor 

Heavy-duty air compressors worked in the mining industry change depending on their purpose and the requirements needed for the business. So every industry needs the heavy power of the air compressor. Selecting the right compressor to meet your needs can help enhance fertility and help to reduce energy costs. A one-time expenditure of a heavy-duty air compressor in your mining can reduce all your problems that will most benefit your mining operation. 

Applications of Heavy-Duty Portable Air Compressor 

Heavy-duty Air compressors are found in a wide range of environments. You’ll see gas stations giving compressed air to vehicle’s tires. But heavy-duty portable air compressors are used in mines and quarries which act like aggressive levels. For road construction, refurbishment work, engineering in civil or challenging applications, heavy-duty portable compressors will be dominant and unique needs of the application. In hard circumstances in sites and mines, a heavy-duty air compressor can survive that situation.

  • Blasting – In mines and quarry they will use a blasting operation called sandblast with the portable sandblast machines 
  • Material handling – Materials like coal dust can be better handled by air compressors, allowing for fluidization. Also, compressed air can be used in conveying material in mining as well. 
  • Cleaning – Air compressors can be used to purify the waste particles from filters and avoid dirt and dust.
  • Ventilation – Ventilation air should be drawn from the exterior of the air compressor at the lowest and coolest point.

For the above instruction, Air Compressor Dealers in Chennai prefer Elgi’s, heavy-duty portable air compressor to survive the hard weather and can solve the problem. Buying in shaktiman’s can assure you of durability.


Best Reasons to Buy a New Diesel Generator Rather Than Rental

Best Reasons to Buy a New Diesel Generator Instead of Rental

The potential buyers in the following industries such as Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare, & all who require mass power generation, are wondering whether to buy a new diesel generator from Top Brands or go for just renting a generator? If you are unsure about this million-dollar question buying or renting a generator. Here this article can assist you.

4 Common Reason Why to Buy a New Generator                     

  • One time investment
  • Low-Cost Maintenance 
  • Customize your business to your needs
  • Better convenience

Generator dealers in chennai

1. One-time investment.

Brand new diesel generator may look expensive at the initial point of time, but it has the capability of showcasing its worth in the longer run. Purchasing a brand new generator is that it will be covered by an assurance. Diesel generators we afford to our clients to buy a new generator duration of the warranty will differ one, two or sometimes many years. In recent years we analyze a branded generator that has a long-lasting life with a one-time investment. 

2. Low-Cost Maintenance 

When purchasing a generator you need to check whether the cost is low as well as its maintenance. Some people will rent because the term of use will be short & maintenance of the hiring generator is a high expenditure. While buying a new generator the supply for the maintenance is a minimum of 500 per month in an apartment or home. So buying a generator is trustworthy.  

3. Customize Your Business to Your Needs

However, buying a new generator is better than renting. There are some permissible profits for buyers in new generators. Buying a new diesel generator with good working conditions will not end up in breakdown or extra charge. Therefore, Renting a diesel generator has some disadvantages like breakdown, Maintenance, etc. most of the owners in the factory or company prefer new because they know their needs.

4. Better Conveniences

Buying a diesel generator for better conveniences at an affordable cost will be user-friendly. Diesel generators have higher energy & more power can be brought out from the smaller engine. Less Required Maintenance, Runtime will be longer, Turn a Profit for the user so in order to survive every person is ready to buy a new generator than rent.

Buy new diesel generator

Buy New generators

Shaktiman will answer your queries at any time about buying a new diesel generator. Because We are the best  Generator dealers in Chennai. We will guide you about buying the new generators.

Common Diesel Generator Problems occur in Summer

What Are Common Diesel Generator Problems That Arise in Summer?

Are you aware of Diesel Generator problems during Summer Times?
Unless you use industrial diesel generators every day, Even though it is a great asset to the company, end of the day it is a machine & it will cause problems in the engine. Although a few engine problems are bigger than the others, most of the time we can prevent them if we are clear with those problems during these summer times. Here, Our Technical Experts at Shaktiman Equipments, want to share 4 Common Engine Problems Diesel generators users may face in this summertime & what causes them.

Problem #1: Engine Overheating 

In the summertime, one of the major issues people face might be Engine Overheating, this is caused when the engine is pushed hard which may lead to all sorts of negative reactions. This may lead to further Diesel Generator Problems such as

  • Swelling, Breaking of Cylinder Heads 
  • Bearings Damage 
  • Crankshaft Damage 
  • Pistons Expansion & Scraping against cylinder walls 

This Overheating mainly happens when generators are used for an extended period & speedy attention has to be given when we notice an abnormal rise in temperatures.

Problem #2: High Fuel Level Alarms 

When your high fuel level alarms go off adequately during summertime, there we can sense that something is wrong with the diesel generator. As we know, High Fuel level Alams are used in most generators as an indication that the tank is almost full as it activates normally when the tank level crosses 95%. In Summertime, due to the temperature rise, fuel expansion may cause the alarm to activate. So you have to either switch the alarm Off or reset it manually to solve the issue.

Problem #3: Block Heaters

One of the major misunderstandings is that the engine does not require a block heater in the summertime. There are two different metals used, i.e. aluminum is used for piston & cylinders are iron-made. During the startup of the engine, accelerated wear may occur due to the usage of those two dissimilar metals. The sudden expansion of pistons may lead to scuffing of piston skirt, Block heaters tend to release most of this scuffing by maintaining the cooling system temperature & maintaining the cylinders expanded.

Problem #4: Low Coolant Temp Alarms

Faulty Block heaters are the major reason for Low Coolant Temp Alarms.
When the block heater is exposed to an extremely warm temperature, it causes the coolant to circulate through the system. A block heater never causes the engine not to run, but when it runs 24X7 continuously, that too in sunny conditions, they will fail.

To avoid diesel generator problems, buy Mahindra Genset at shaktiman Diesel generator dealers in Chennai. They Customize your generator according to your industrial needs.  

5 Reasons You Should Buy Mahindra Diesel Generators from Shaktiman

5 Reasons You Should Buy Mahindra Diesel Generators from Shaktiman

Whether you are operating a factory full of equipment or running a small/medium or large enterprise, the major issue or headache you face is the power outage. Because it not only affects your productivity but also can be costly if you are not prepared for it. Hence a generator can only be the source of keeping this nuisance aside and necessities keep running.

Why Should You Buy Mahindra Diesel Generators?

Before making any decision on purchasing a Diesel Generators, you have to be clear on determining your core generator needs. Why should you have a generator? What are all purposes to be solved using Diesel Generators? And which brand should you go to?

Even if you are confused in making decisions on the first two queries, you don’t need to have options in which brand to choose, as Mahindra Rise is leading from the front in the Generator Industry in the past 8 years.

As we, Shaktiman Equipments, the Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEM) of Mahindra Generator & authorized Generator Dealers for the TamilNadu & Pondicherry region, we are the best choice for you to make the purchase. There are more reasons to purchase from us which is detailed in following:

1.  kVA Variations 7.5 to 3000

We address requirements from many industries such as Railway, transportation sectors, Hospitals, Petrol pumps, Factories, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Hotels, Banks & Construction sites, and many more as we have end-to-end customizable kVA variations. We first find the power calculation of what kVA actually will suit the customer requirement & deliver.

2. Best in Fuel Efficiency:

Power cuts obviously cut your profits too in the longer run. An efficient Diesel generator will simply avoid you from making losses. Shaktiman Equipments’ Gensets are powered by Mahindra Powerol engines which have been designed to ensure an efficient power supply.

3. Seamless SwitchOver:

The major advantage of using shaktiman’s Mahindra Diesel Generators is its seamless switchover to the backup power. It is simply ensuring 100% safety of your equipment and this feature will make sure your peace of mind.

4. Sales & Service Dealership:

As we are OEM, also we have 30+ authorized dealerships all over districts of Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry. We have sales as well as service dealerships hence the annual maintenance of your Diesel Generator will be taken care of from our end.

5. Five-year Super Shield Plan:

We provide Mahindra Powerol’s Super shield 5-year plan to our customers which includes zero repair charges, zero service charges, zero replacement costs, the whole years. This plan defies industry norms of 2 years warranty on Mahindra Diesel Generators. Applicable for ranges from 82.5kVA & above dg sets.

5 Reasons You Should Buy Mahindra Diesel Generators from Shaktiman

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