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Are you willing to purchase diesel generators directly from the OEM & Authorised dealers? Are searching for the best generator dealers in Villupuram region? Then we are the only answer to your expectations. With nearly 25 years of legacy in the generator business, Experts in Shaktiman Equipments will guide you on all your doubts and getting purchased the generators suit perfectly to your needs.

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Features of Shaktiman Diesel Generator

Being the Original equipment manufacturer and trustable generator dealers in Villupuram , the diesel generators that we produce & deliver to our customers are made to exact standards set by Shaktiman using the best quality components made in our plant. The attractive features of Shaktiman’s generator are as follows.


Just press two buttons and it's up and running. Easy!


Easy to Use. Friendly User Control Panel will be provided


We offer full international warranties on all our products, just for that extra peace of mind.


Makes Shaktiman generator more compact. This technology, used for the first time in gas gensets helps in achieving 0% power duration


Electronically controlled air fuel ratio, Closed loop lambda feedback system


Operating price is 45% less than that of conventional Gensets

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Our Shaktiman Genset dealer information - Villupuram

Company Details Contact Details
Dealer Code ----
Dealer Name Universal Diesel Sales & Service
Address Address : No.40-, Sathani Street, Pillai Thottam – 605013.
Area Of Coverage Villupuram and Surrounding areas
City Villupuram
State Tamil Nadu

Why Shaktiman Generators are preferred by Top Brands across Tamil Nadu?

Shaktiman’s Generators, which we deliver to our 4000+ Clients are achieving the best results in case of fuel efficiency, seamless switching over to backup power when power outage, and most importantly our Genset warranty of 2-year or 5000 Hrs running hours are being impressive to our clients. Hence our brand touting a 45% top market share in the industrial segment in our sales region across Tamil Nadu

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Our Delivery in Popular Locations - Villupuram

The Brand Shaktiman diesel generator will match your needs and Shaktiman will provide you with long-term use. We the best generator dealers in Villupuram offer the best industrial generator in recent years. Our Shaktiman workers are professional and well trained and provide the high-quality Dg Set for our customers. Not only in Tamil Nadu. Now we supply diesel generators all over India for 27 years and gain MRF, The Cake World, etc as our clients. In Future, we are looking forward to supplying all over the world. 

As we started in this location there are many generator dealers in competition. We stand in a unique way as we care for our customers whether the generator is regularly maintained or if they need any regular maintenance for the generator. That’s how we stand unique from other generator dealers.

Shaktiman diesel generators are easy to use

The control switch of  Shaktiman diesel generator can be easy to operate and importantly operated in the control panel.

  • Mode switch 
  • Engine fuel
  • Engine oil
  • Start & shutdown controls 
  • Frequency switch
  • Speed of the Engine
  • Coolant temperature
  • Engines Turbocharger
  • The Fuel Filters
  • Automated Transfer Switch(ATS)


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