Backup Diesel generator for a Cricket Stadium

More electricity is needed for each match in Cricket Stadium. For example, Narrandera Modi Stadium consists of more than 131,000 capacity and a minimum 1000 capacity white Hill Field. Whether it is day or night it doesn’t matter. Think about it the biggest stadium needs more power. So the Importance of power is much higher in Cricket stadiums. From the start to the end of every matches power is needed. In Ipl matches in India, every Cricket stadium will have a backup diesel generator. Not only in Indian cricket matches If an is conducting a fedlight match they’ll go for a Backup diesel generator.

Mostly 160 kVA – 200 kVA Diesel generators are used in cricket stadiums due to some parameter diesel generator has been selected.

Model Power 61995g and Power 62485g for Cricket Stadium.

Model Power 61995G and Power 62485G For Cricket Stadium

Mainly they’ll prefer the model name and selected KVA for their stadium capacity .200 and more than 200 kvA are highly recommended for Cricket stadiums for heavy Duty usage and Can be used continuously in harsh conditions.

Rain can Stop the Ipl cricket matches But can’t stop the Backup diesel generator.

How Does the Diesel Generator Give the Power Supply to an Entire Stadium?

Yes, Cricket Stadium needs a Backup powered diesel generator to be installed to reduce the worst-case scenarios. Think about Without stadium lights in Night Match same as If the backup is not there in the stadium it may end in trouble.

A maximum of 4 Generators are used in the cricket stadium, the power supply to the whole stadium needs an enormous amount. Additionally, they have an extra generator also incase any failure occurs that 4 generators quickly they’ll replace that damaged generator and install the new one.

Ipl is the biggest business in India In case any problem occurs due to power supply means it is a complete disaster But stadiums need a reliable and trustable Diesel generator.

Why Do You Want to Choose the Mahindra Generator for the Cricket Stadium?

Why do you want to choose the Mahindra Generator for the Cricket stadium

Mahindra Generator comes under the top 10 diesel generators Every industries owner will prefer this heavy-duty generator. The cricket stadium also needs a heavy-duty diesel generator. Specification of the diesel generator must match their requirement.

Power (kVA) 200 kVA
Fuel Tank Capacity 388 Litres
Rated Speed (RPM) 1500
Number Of Cylinders 6

Lots of specifications like Generator price are there when buying a diesel generator. Select the reliable one.

So You are watching Ipl now and supporting your favorite team always remember that in one match one team will win and the other team will lose but always power will win.

Always Choose a highly trustable Diesel generator…

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