What is Water Cooled Turbo Charger Diesel Generator?

A Diesel Generator with water Cooled Turbo Charger, What? is it possible? What does Water Cooled Turbo Charger Diesel Generator do? 

Let’s see what is the water-cooled turbocharger first.

What Is Water Cooled Turbo Charger?

Water Cooled Turbo Charger Engine

As we know turbocharger blows extra air into the combustion chamber increasing the engine’s compression. It consists of two-wheel one is an exhaust gas turbine wheel and another one is a compressor wheel. Those wheels are combined by the solid shaft to boost the intake air pressure of an internal combustion engine. In this process, the water-cooling enhances the durability and prolongs the turbocharger’s life. 

How Do We Find the Turbocharger Is Water Cooled?

If the threaded ports on either side of the Turbocharger housing were installed, also at 90° from the oil inlet/outlet flanges, then it would be water-cooled.

What Does a Water Cooled Turbo Charger Diesel Generator Do?

Mahindra Diesel Generator Dealers in Chennai

In most of the Diesel, generators were installed will turbochargers with water-cooled technology. This technology, used for the first time in gas gen-sets helps in achieving 0% power duration. The Shaktiman Equpiments – OEM of Mahindra generator and generator dealers in Chennai produce and sell Mahindra Water Cooled Turbo Charger generator. This technology makes the Mahindra generator more compact.

Benefits of Water Cooled Turbo Charger Diesel Generator

They’re a number of benefits to Water Cooled Turbo Charger generator

Better Towing: 

Installing a water-cooled turbocharger will increase the towing capacities of ordinary diesel generators and gasoline

Fuel Efficiency: 

As we know that ordinary generator is 33% more efficient than gasoline but water Cooled Turbo Charger generator better than that. 

Higher Torque Output :

This turbocharger generator additional air and produces more Torque.

Improve Performance:

When increasing the level of horsepower, they produce lower emissions and improve altitude compensation. So it improves the overall Performance. 

Environmental Friendly:

It allows manufacturers to reduce the size of engines which emit lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

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The Disadvantage of Water Cooled Turbo Charger Generator

Definitely, there are minor flaws when a product with a lot of benefits, same as it has only one disadvantage is the Daily Maintenance of diesel generator.

A generator with a water-cooled turbocharger has lots of benefits that will improve overall performance it indirectly increases the production of your Business.

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