Common Diesel Generator Problems occur in Summer

Are you aware of Diesel Generator problems during Summer Times? Unless you use industrial diesel generators every day, Even though it is a great asset to the company, end of the day it is a machine & it will cause problems in the engine. Although a few engine problems are bigger than the others, most of the time we can prevent them if we are clear with those problems during these summer times. Here, Our Technical Experts at Shaktiman Equipments, want to share 4 Common Engine Problems Diesel generators users may face in this summertime & what causes them.

Problem #1: Engine Overheating 

In the summertime, one of the major issues people face might be Engine Overheating, this is caused when the engine is pushed hard which may lead to all sorts of negative reactions. This may lead to further Diesel Generator Problems such as

  • Swelling, Breaking of Cylinder Heads 
  • Bearings Damage 
  • Crankshaft Damage 
  • Pistons Expansion & Scraping against cylinder walls 

This Overheating mainly happens when generators are used for an extended period & speedy attention has to be given when we notice an abnormal rise in temperatures.

Problem #2: High Fuel Level Alarms 

When your high fuel level alarms go off adequately during summertime, there we can sense that something is wrong with the diesel generator. As we know, High Fuel level Alams are used in most generators as an indication that the tank is almost full as it activates normally when the tank level crosses 95%. In Summertime, due to the temperature rise, fuel expansion may cause the alarm to activate. So you have to either switch the alarm Off or reset it manually to solve the issue.

Problem #3: Block Heaters

One of the major misunderstandings is that the engine does not require a block heater in the summertime. There are two different metals used, i.e. aluminum is used for piston & cylinders are iron-made. During the startup of the engine, accelerated wear may occur due to the usage of those two dissimilar metals. The sudden expansion of pistons may lead to scuffing of piston skirt, Block heaters tend to release most of this scuffing by maintaining the cooling system temperature & maintaining the cylinders expanded.

Problem #4: Low Coolant Temp Alarms

Faulty Block heaters are the major reason for Low Coolant Temp Alarms. When the block heater is exposed to an extremely warm temperature, it causes the coolant to circulate through the system. A block heater never causes the engine not to run, but when it runs 24X7 continuously, that too in sunny conditions, they will fail.

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