5 Key Factors to Consider Before Buying Generators

Purchasing generators it’s not complicated one but before know very well about generators usages and models. There are many great
advantages to purchasing generators new generators or buy a rental  generator.

Mainly, Nowadays diesel generators like Mahindra powerol generators, Kirloskar generator, Ashok Leyland and Cummins used in retail shops, factory, automobile manufacturing companies, shopping malls, all commercial building, shopping complex, school and colleges mainly used generators for sudden power cuts happens on working hours it will affect the productivity.
So, choosing generators models based on your usage of electricity per day because it’s used for what range of power load consuming
generators you need to buy.

Know more about types of generators here it will help you to buy right generator machine for you,

There are five types of generators avail, Diesel Generator, Natural gas generator, electric generator, propane generator and gas generator.

Some of the key factors must be analyzing for before purchasing a generator:

#1 Age, Hours, and Usage: First things you can try to check is the hours, age and history of the generator set. A check must how many hours generator is running then how much of fuel consumption taken on it. Usually, generator engines are just like a car and have an odometer reading.

A generator that has been used as a standby or backup power source will typically be better maintained and have much less wear than the one used as a prime power source. Only the technical expertise is to know about the full features and specification of generators. So better you have to ask to advice from technical expertise before buying generator.

#2 Manufacturer history and reputation: Nowadays, number of generator manufacturing international companies in the market some companies have good customer satisfaction, rating and have good product delivery performance other companies performing very low in
last 5 years or more days.

Better learn more about company’s history it will help you to take correct decision making for purchasing the right product from the right
place. Mostly prefer 10 to 20 more years of field experience in generators providing companies and know more  shaktiman equipments Pvt ltd  one of leading generator supplier of last 3 decades.

3# How To maintain Genset?
This is much more important since a well-maintained and rebuilt generator set will have a much longer life than one that is simply
changing hands from dealers to end-user.

4# Physical wear and tear on the unit

Following Steps For Maintenance:

Step 1: Visual Inspection

The generator comes under mechanical device suffers wear and tear during operation time. Check regularly all mechanical component
inside the parts and spares of the generator.

Step 2: Replace bearings and bushings Replace bearing and bushings means stress during the generator operation and it is very difficult to test these parts for any stress they have been subjected to during the operation of the generator. Therefore, from a safety point of view, the replacement of bearings and bushings is the best course of action. The same goes for bolts and fasteners.

Step 3: Integrity check wiring and welds Test wire insulations for a breakdown. Any part not up to the mark
should be replaced.

Step 4: Load Test
Load test helps you to determine the overall efficiency in an electric power generator. The load limits specified how many power hours,
electricity consumption during operation.

5 key factors consider before buying generators 0

Step 5: Who you are purchasing it from (Genset broker vs Genset dealers)

Find before who is best dealers in the city and then choose the certified dealers who are the leading supplier of a high-quality service

If you know more regarding Genset dealers and specifications contact us and respond quickly for your enquiry.

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